Design Your Surveillance System Like an Expert

Strategically design all aspects of your surveillance system. From the cameras and their viewing areas, to their connection to the NVR, router and much more - this surveillance system design tool covers it all.

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Excellent for Home and Business Solutions

Design from small home surveillance systems to more advanced commercial solutions with extensive coverage.

Quick Access to All of Our Cameras

Choose from a wide selection that includes all of our 3K and 4K bullet, dome and PTZ security cameras. One click is all it takes to add the camera you need to your design.

Once the camera is added, you can fully customize its location, angle of view, viewing area and even color. All of this allows you to design a system that perfectly fits your needs.

Not Sure What Cameras To Choose?

Try our Kit Builder! Easily browse, sort and compare all of our cameras and then choose the ones that best fit your needs.

Here we will also guide you through selecting all of the other essential components of a video surveillance system, such as Video Recorders, Cables, Hard Drives and other accessories.